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Dr. Shelby has been serving the community as a chiropractor in Greenville since 2011. Using the Zone Technique to identify and work on your condition, she will focus on your wellbeing and prevention of further injury and pain.

Learn more about how chiropractic care can help you heal from pain by clicking on the conditions below:

Back and Neck Pain

Back pain and sciatica are one of the most common complaints we see as chiropractors here at Unity Chiro. It is estimated 70%-90% of the population will experience an episode of...[...]


Pain medications are commonly used to deal with headaches, but unfortunately this approach only masks the symptoms rather than fix the underlying cause. Our focus is correcting ...[...]

Prior Surgery? We can help!

Have you had a prior surgery that you haven't healed from? Dr Shelby can help! She has helped people in Greenville and the surrounding areas post-operation for several years. Sc...[...]

Balanced Mental Health

If you struggle with anxiety or depression, you are not alone.  Nearly 18% of the population admits to having an anxiety disorder. As anxiety and depression are on the rise...[...]

Digestive Healing

Studies have found that with regular chiropractic care, digestive issues including discomfort, heartburn, and bloating have decreased, and patients have seen an improvement in c...[...]

Sports Performance

Injuries doing the sport you love or, for some of you, the sport that pays you, is no fun. Dr Shelby being a professional athlete herself, knows how important it is to have the ...[...]

Chiropractic for Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the body goes through a lot of changes, and with that, there is increased stress put on the spine, muscles and ligaments. Many expectant mothers present to our...[...]

Chiropractic for Children

At Unity Chiropractic we are dedicated in protecting a child’s body by making sure they have an optimal functioning nervous system. Chiropractic care for children can be very be...[...]

Wellness & Preventive Chiropractic

'Chiropractic adjustments and treatments release pressure that is put on the nervous system, allowing the immune system to work effectively and efficiently. '[...]

We are your local chiropractor in Greenville.

We bring personal and helpful chiropractic care to the Greenville community. Here are some of our latest reviews on Google:

Dr. Shelby is a phenomenal practitioner. She took an incredible amount of time to get to know me as a patient, created a specific plan of care targeting my needs, and continues to make adjustments based on my long term and short term needs upon each visit.

Melissa B.

This was my first time seeing a chiropractor and I'm so thankful that Dr. Shelby was the person I chose.[...]. Shelby is friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable with my consultation. I had such a positive experience with her and I couldn't be more thankful.

Sierra S.

Dr. Shelby has quickly become one of my favorite people! It is SO rare to find someone in the healthcare field that is GENUINELY concerned about your health and well being! She is incredibly patient and upbeat while treating my infant.


Dr. Shelby is awesome! Been seeing her for a few weeks now and its been a great experience. Came in today as a last minute appointment after tweaking my back yesterday. [...]. She found the problem, adjusted me and within a few hrs I feel almost 100%.

Lauren E.

Dr. Shelby is absolutely amazing! Her knowledge and gentle touch is unmatched. I always leave feeling rebalanced and 100%. So thankful for finding her!

Kim T.

Meet our team

Looking for a chiropractor in Greenville, SC? Dr. Shelby and her team are here to help and support you during your healing journey. Read more below:

Shelby Hicks, DC photo

Shelby Hicks, DC


Dr Shelby has always been passionate about helping people reach their optimal health potential with all things natural, leading to her work as a chiropractor in Greenville, SC since 2011.

She is constantly learning and growing to be able to bring that information back to the Unity Chiropractic family. She continues her education through Harvard Medical School, Zone School, and metaphysical education. Dr Shelby has built a reputation for providing inclusive, comfortable, and exceptional care.

Karly Stokes, M.H.A. photo

Karly Stokes, M.H.A.

Office Manager

Karly is passionate about aiding in every person's healing journey at Unity. Karly was born and raised in the Upstate, where she gained her bachelor's degree in Computer Science and minor in Information Management. She received her master's in health administration from George Washington University.

Our Process

Step 1: We Listen.

You will sit down with Dr. Shelby and explain your current problem. She will ask you further questions about your health and your history to fully understand how best to help. Our number 1 priority here is to ensure you feel understood.

Step 2: Are we the right fit for you?

If at any time Dr. Shelby feels there's someone better suited to help with your goals, she will refer them to you right away.
We want you to get the proper help you need so that you feel well.

Step 3: Examination

Once we have all the information about your health, if Dr. Shelby feels she can help you, you can proceed with a paid examination. Dr Shelby will explain how she uses the revolutionary Zone Technique, a spinal cord stimulation technique, to achieve optimal results in healing.

Step 4: Meet your goals

First Adjustment. After the examination, if you seem to be a candidate for chiropractic care, Dr Shelby will deliver the first adjustment. Dr Shelby is very well versed in adjusting styles and will use the best approach for you. For example, if you prefer low force or instrument adjusting as opposed to manual manipulation, she can do it all and get the same results.

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Find out if our customized, unique, and proven approach to health is right for you.

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We are located on North Church Street behind the new Harris Teeter at Northpointe Shopping Center. You will see a large white brick building with the signage, Ember Modern Medicine, come in the front door and we are to your immediate left inside of Ember Modern Medicine. Click on the map for navigation directions.

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