What to expect as a new patient?

Coming to a new chiropractic office can be daunting for many, especially if this is your first time seeing a chiropractor. Therefore, we offer a complimentary initial consultation to determine if we can help with your problem. We will make that transition much easier for you, outlining precisely what to expect during your first discussion with Dr Shelby.

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New patient registration

Once you have made your booking, you will have an allocated time. You will receive a welcome email before your first visit and an email with your Health History Intake Forms. The email you provide will be the access to your private portal containing all your documentation and appointment information moving forward.

You can complete the online forms in the office if you choose; if so, you will be asked to arrive 10 minutes before your appointment.

Our Process

Step 1: We Listen.

You will sit down with Dr. Shelby and explain your current problem. She will ask you further questions about your health and your history to fully understand how best to help. Our number 1 priority here is to ensure you feel understood.

Step 2: Are we the right fit for you?

If at any time Dr. Shelby feels there's someone better suited to help with your goals, she will refer them to you right away.
We want you to get the proper help you need so that you feel well.

Step 3: Examination

Once we have all the information about your health, if Dr. Shelby feels she can help you, you can proceed with a paid examination. Dr Shelby will explain how she uses the revolutionary Zone Technique, a spinal cord stimulation technique, to achieve optimal results in healing.

Step 4: Meet your goals

First Adjustment. After the examination, if you seem to be a candidate for chiropractic care, Dr Shelby will deliver the first adjustment. Dr Shelby is very well versed in adjusting styles and will use the best approach for you. For example, if you prefer low force or instrument adjusting as opposed to manual manipulation, she can do it all and get the same results.

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